Advanced LED and LCD technologies enable the production of industrial controls with greater
efficiency, reliability, and accuracy

Companies all over the world are embracing automation to increase productivity, quality, and safety, while also reducing costs.  Automated control systems benefit companies and employees alike, via improved quality control, higher system reliability, and safer working conditions. P-tec supplies the illuminated components and display products that help get the job done.

Industrial Controls


Low, mid, and high power PLCC LEDs in industry standard package sizes →


Single, bi, tri, and quad-level Circuit Board Indicator LEDs in any color →

PL524 100x100px

Customizable Panel Mount Indicator LEDs for a variety of mounting hole sizes →


7 Segment, Dot Matrix, Alphanumeric and other popular display types →


Numeric and Alphanumeric display types in surface mountable configuration →

Long Term

Our industry-standard packages and established supply chain means unmatched material availability and no sudden obsolescence issues.


P-tec LEDs and LCDs are perfect for demanding industries that require dependable application-specific products that get the job done.


P-tec's customer-centric design and service create a seamless buying and support experience that helps you focus on what's important: your product.

LED Control Panel

Rugged & Reliable

P-tec LEDs provide the flexible, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting required by automated control systems. Their advantages include a broad color spectrum, low operating temperatures, long lifespans, and safe operation under high vibration. LEDs are used in equipment such as control panels, factory floor status indicators, elevators, monitoring stations, and signal lamps.

LCDs improve operational efficiency and simplify user control

P-tec LCDs provide sharp image quality and high peak intensity, making them easy to read in very brightly-lit environments. Low power consumption and heat output make them a dependable solution that offer years of operation without needing replacement.

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