LEDs and LCDs that help manufacturers develop
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 LED, optoelectronics, and semiconductor technologies are increasing in complexity while also becoming smaller and less invasive. This ongoing advancement is enabling OEM’s to drive innovation and create new equipment that can change the lives of people all over the world.

Medical Device


Low, mid, and high power PLCC LEDs in industry standard package sizes →


Single, bi, tri, and quad-level Circuit Board Indicator LEDs in any color →


7 Segment, Dot Matrix, Alphanumeric and other popular display types →


Numeric and Alphanumeric display types in surface mountable configuration →

Long Term

Our industry-standard packages and established supply chain means unmatched material availability and no sudden obsolescence issues.


P-tec LEDs and LCDs are perfect for demanding industries that require dependable application-specific products that get the job done.


P-tec's customer-centric design and service create a seamless buying and support experience that helps you focus on what's important: your product.

EKG_MEd Device LED

LEDs are invaluable during diagnostic procedures and intricate surgeries

Incorporated into delicate equipment, LEDs can illuminate small areas inside the body and enable higher-quality video during endoscopic analysis. Multi-point LED lighting is also commonplace in operating theatres, eliminating shadows during surgery, and improving visibility.

Stable and reliable displays that meet your exacting safety standards

Clarity of information is paramount for the medical professional's ability to accurately evaluate patients' conditions. P-tec LCDs are ready to meet the precise specifications of your diagnostic medical device.

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