P-tec LEDs & LCDs enable OEMs to deliver greater
reliability, efficiency, and value to end-users.

In the fast-paced food and beverage sector, customers look to OEMs that can provide efficient, reliable, and user-friendly equipment. P-tec LEDs and LCDs help OEMs simplify user operation, increase equipment lifespans, and create more pleasing aesthetics.

Food & Beverage Equipment


Low, mid, and high power PLCC LEDs in industry standard package sizes →


Single, bi, tri, and quad-level Circuit Board Indicator LEDs in any color →

PL524 100x100px

Customizable Panel Mount Indicator LEDs for a variety of mounting hole sizes →


7 Segment, Dot Matrix, Alphanumeric and other popular display types →


Numeric and Alphanumeric display types in surface mountable configuration →

Long Term

Our industry-standard packages and established supply chain means continual material availability and no sudden obsolescence issues.


P-tec LEDs and LCDs are perfect for demanding industries that require dependable application-specific products that get the job done.


P-tec's customer-centric design and service create a seamless buying and support experience that helps you focus on what's important: your product.

Industrial Oven

LEDs provide
stable, long-term performance

Compact, customizable, and efficient, LEDs are an ideal solution for status indication, data display, and general illumination for a wide-range of food and beverage equipment applications like beverage dispensers, commercial-grade ovens, refrigerators, and freezers.

LCDs improve operational efficiency and simplify user control

P-tec LCD displays can improve the effectiveness of many staple items, including drink dispensers, coffee machines, and dishwashers. Enhanced displays help to reduce user error and wastage while enabling more customized functionality.

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