P-tec LEDs & LCDs enable automakers to enhance their value proposition, improve vehicle quality,
and strengthen their brands on a global scale

LEDs and LCDs are intrinsic components of today’s vehicles and only continue to grow in utility. They allow OEMs to showcase the latest illumination and displays while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.



Low profile PLCC LEDs for a variety of interior automotive applications


Specialized RGB package type for vibrant interior and dash automotive applications


Reliable LCD type suitable for innovative after market product types


Extended temp range and sunlight readable displays for dynamic user experiences


Reliable display type for simple numeric and alphanumeric read-outs

Long Term

Our industry-standard packages and established supply chain means unmatched material availability and no sudden obsolescence issues.


P-tec LEDs and LCDs are perfect for demanding industries that require dependable application-specific products that get the job done.


P-tec's customer-centric design and service create a seamless buying and support experience that helps you focus on what's important: your product.

automotive blue led

LEDs offer long lifespans
and greater design flexibility

Efficient and small in size, capable of ultra-bright illumination, a broad color spectrum, and instant activation make P-tec LEDs ideal for both interior and exterior lighting applications. Minimal power consumption of LEDs also increases fuel economy, extends the battery range of electric vehicles, and reduces CO2 emissions.

LCDs provide OEMs with significant design and layout options

In-car displays assist in making cars more interactive, creating greater union between vehicles and their occupants. LCDs provide enhanced navigation, menu systems, integration of external cameras, and in-car entertainment. Custumizable to almost any shape and size, providing form-fitting displays that can integrate into virtually any vehicle.

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