Our products enable OEMs to develop dynamic signs & displays that provide value
to an expanded range of industries

As our road, transport, and entertainment networks grow in complexity, effective communication is required to maintain engagement, safety, and structure. Utilizing LEDs and LCDs empowers manufacturers to create dynamic, changeable signs and displays for applications like Variable Message Signs (VMS), Portable Traffic and Work Zone Safety Signs, Video Screens, and Scoreboards.

Sign & Display


Low, mid, and high power PLCC LEDs in industry standard package sizes →


Single, bi, tri, and quad-level Circuit Board Indicator LEDs in any color →

PL524 100x100px

Customizable Panel Mount Indicator LEDs for a variety of mounting hole sizes →


7 Segment, Dot Matrix, Alphanumeric and other popular display types →


Numeric and Alphanumeric display types in surface mountable configuration →

Long Term

Our industry-standard packages and established supply chain means unmatched material availability and no sudden obsolescence issues.


P-tec LEDs and LCDs are perfect for demanding industries that require dependable application-specific products that get the job done.


P-tec's customer-centric design and service create a seamless buying and support experience that helps you focus on what's important: your product.

Traffic Safety Sign

Vibrant text and graphics
for indoor & outdoor signs

P-tec LEDs are ready to work in indoor and outdoor sign applications and will maintain operation in harsh environments. Low power consumption and heat output reduces power requirements and increases efficiency in battery and solar-powered applications.

LCDs are great for promotional displays

Low in energy consumption and heat output, LCDs are perfect for applications requiring long term operation, in some cases up to 24 hours a day. Display screens can be made to almost any size and function, providing OEMs and end-users with flexible integration and mounting options

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